• Designed in Zurich

  • Established 2012

VARIOTY. Designed in Zurich. Established 2012

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The Varioty bag consists of a solid inner bag with an over bag that can be split up into three parts. Each one of those parts can be changed and replaced by another one. The parts come in different colors and patterns made of various materials. Of course there are plenty of materials for every taste. This principle makes it possible to create lots of variations out of one single bag.


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When variety meets riot, Varioty comes into existence.

“Riot for variety” is our battle cry. We call for the revolution of individuality and for the rebellion of variety. Enough of monotony and uniformity, it’s time to do your own thing. The innovative system of Varioty allows you to create a bag reflecting your own desires. Adapt it easily for any occasion. Develop your own style and be part of the revolution. Don’t waste your time searching for someone else's style, create it yourself.

Special Collection

Spring Decks

Spring Decks are recycled from used snowboards, completely handmade and extremely durable due to a resin seald edge and a polyurethan grip.

Who does not have an old snowboard in the basement? Some may get rid of it after spring cleaning, others can not just get over with throwing them away. Spring decks allows expanding its lifespan of an often beloved sporting good. It even doubles the fun. After the transformation of a snowboard, you will even have two spring-decks. Complement them with trucks and wheels of your choice and you will have for sure a unique gadget to cruise around your city.

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Meet The Team


By three creative thinkers, the idea arose to develop a product that can adapt to any situation at any time!

  • Randy Looser
    Randy Looser
    Designer & Founder

    T +41 79 726 25 65
    Randy.l [SECURE E-MAIL - REWRITE MANUALLY] *at* varioty.ch

  • Lukas Höltschi
    Lukas Höltschi
    Marketing & Finance

    T +41 79 575 21 78
    Lukas.h [SECURE E-MAIL - REWRITE MANUALLY] *at* varioty.ch

Price & terms of delivery


Feel free to create your own Varioty bag, get the single parts to the following conditions


Terms and conditions


Delivery conditions in Switzerland
5 – 7 Days, 9.- porto (Post)


Delivery conditions in Europe
10-15 Days, 15.- porto (Post)

Delivery conditions all other countrys
On demand


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If we have sparked your interest you can contact one of the two Varioty owners directly per mail, letter, telegram or phonecall.

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